VELLD Power System Consult Sdn. Bhd.

is an independent electrical power system consulting firm providing power engineering solution services and advisory in Malaysia and ASEAN region


Renewable Energy Consultancy

Owner’s engineer/ Independent engineer for Renewable Energy Plants
Review the design drawings and electrical specifications according to IEC standards for Renewable Energy plant


  • Review the maximum amount of renewable energy that can be generated into the power network
  • Review on AC & DC cabling, inverter specifications and RE plant configuration
Conceptual and detail design


  • Provide detailed design of solar PV
  • Construct solar PV site layout diagram and inverter SLD
Optimize the design of solar PV by simulation


  • Provide detailed design and feasibility study of solar PV using PVsyst (grid-connected)
  • Optimize the number of solar modules and inverters and determine the connection between solar modules and inverters
Design and sizing Standalone Solar PV


  • Design the standalone solar PV based on rural load profile
  • Determine the capacity of energy storage
  • Feasibility study of standalone solar PV using Homer software
Renewable Energy Site Monitoring


  • Conduct site visit to review the work progress and verify the installation in accordance to the contract documents and construction drawings