VELLD Power System Consult Sdn. Bhd.

is an independent electrical power system consulting firm providing power engineering solution services and advisory in Malaysia and ASEAN region



We help clients in providing optimized engineering solutions to achieve their expected electrical system reliability, energy efficiency, safety, redundancy, etc.

Our services are characterized by our company’s values and objectives, and our firm determination to keep our commitment to our clients. The system studies, design and solution scope of services offered are:

  1. Load Flow Analysis.
  2. Contingency Analysis.
  3. Short Circuit Analysis.
  4. Transient Stability Analysis.
  5. Reactive Power Requirement Studies.
  6. Optimal Power Flow Studies.
  7. Power Quality/ Harmonic Analysis.
  8. Arc Flash Analysis.
  9. Protection Coordination Studies.
  10. Motor Acceleration Analysis.
  11. Power Factor Correction Studies.

  1. Owner’s engineer/ Independent engineer for Renewable Energy Plants
  2. Review the design drawings and electrical specifications according to IEC standards for Renewable Energy plant.
  3. Conceptual and detail design.
  4. Optimize the design of solar PV by simulation.
  5. Design and sizing Standalone Solar PV.
  6. Renewable Energy Site Monitoring.