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Ir. Rocky HT Wong

Ir. Rocky HT Wong

PEng., FIEM, Advisor

Ir. Rocky H.T. Wong graduated as an electrical engineer from the University of Malaya in 1965 and served some 16 years with the National Electricity Board (NEB) ~ forerunner to TNB; before resigning to venture into the Private Sector as a Consulting Engineer in 1980. He is associated with the Electricity Supply Industry for the past 45 years.

Ir. Rocky H.T. Wong has been the President or the Chairman of the following organizations:-

  • NEB Senior Officers Association (NEBSOA);
  • Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM);
  • Malaysian Bureau of Consultants (MABCON);
  • Federation of ASEAN Consulting Engineers (FACE);
  • FIDIC Asia-Pacific Grouping of Engineering Consultants (ASPEC).

Ir. Rocky H.T. Wong, as a resource person and/or a volunteer, continues to serve the following government agencies, civil society organizations (CSO’s) and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s):-

  • PSDC (Professional Services Development Corporation)
  • NAPSEC (National Professional Services Export Council)
  • MSDC (Malaysian Services Development Corporation- Focus Group on Business Professional Services)
  • IEM (Institution of Engineers, Malaysia)
  • MSET (Malaysian Society of Engineers & Technologists)
  • ACEM (Association of Consultants, Malaysia)
  • BIM (i.e. Professional Centre Malaysia)
  • BEM (Board of Engineers, Malaysia)
  • SIRIM (Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia)
  • CSIM (Coalition of Services Industry Malaysia)
  • SBC (Selangor Business Council)
  • PEMUDAH (Selangor)
  • TEEAM (The Electrical & Electronic Association of Malaysia)
  • EAC (Engineering Accreditation Council)
  • Industry Advisory Council of University Tuanku Abdul Rahman
  • MBT (Montfort Boys’ Town)
  • ACCCIM (Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Malaysia)

Ir. Rocky H.T. Wong is the current Head Commissioner of AFEO’s ASEAN Engineers Register (AER) and a founding Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering & Technology (AAET) and Ir. Wong is BEM’s representative at selected MITI for a dealing with services matters for FTA’s.

Ir. Rocky H T Wong is a Fellow of the IEM, and Hon. Fellow of AFEO-ASEAN Engineer and Hon. Fellow (TEEAM). Ir. Rocky H T Wong is the Chairman of IEM Pro ETI Bureau, the IEM export readiness club to motivate IEM Members to export integrated engineering services. He is also the Chairman of the BEM’s NMC-Working Group on trade-in-services. Ir. Wong represents IEM at NAPSEC and at dialogues with MITI, MDTCA etc.

Ir. Rocky H T Wong was Malaysia’s representative to Geneva, at the closure of the Uruguay Round early 90’s concluding the GATS, which forms a part of the WTO. He was the representative from the private sector in the Malaysian delegation for activities at AFTA’s EEMRA; now being operationalised by the EEEJSC. Ir. Wong is a member of BEM’s MC operationalising Malaysia PRA’s Register for ACPE’s & RFPE’s.

Ir. Wong writes and speaks extensively on the topic of globalisation and related issues. His S.E.T./ E.T.I. interests centre on environmental, power and energy on which he is also a resource person in certain C&C outreach programmes for engineers and technologists.

Ir. Wong’s 45 years’ experience in the environmental, power and energy engineering sectors; among the many other aspects, include and deal with:-

  • Planning, construction, operation and maintenance of power station’s high voltage (66kV & 132kV) and extra high voltage (275kV) switchyards; main-intake & distribution substations, switching stations, overhead lines, underground & submarine cables, and other special electrical installations & facilities ~ of voltages ranging from L.V. to 275kV.
  • System planning studies and projects’ identification & scoping, including design philosophy & sizing the system planting up and upgrading of electrical networks: both for public utilities and for “with-in fence” private distribution networks.
  • Promotion, development and the implementation of BOT power links, IPP’s & other CUF’s: besides engineering; other aspects concerning business modeling and O&M manual writing would be part of the services delivered.
  • “Green & Clean” energy projects such as CHP plants, DCS; and as on ESCo, promoted the 5th Fuel Policy (since 1998) to have Energy Efficiency (EE) on the Demand Side, and Renewable Energy (RE) on the Supply Side; also served as a resource person to S.T. to publicize the EE issues.
  • The direction and management of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), & Emergency Response Plan studies forming & part of the feasibility study for many projects under supervision.
  • Forensic engineering investigations into electrical incidents, faults, trippings & other abnormalities; and served as an expert witness in two arbitration cases.
  • Electrical standards development ~ serving as the Chairperson of SIRIM’s TC10 on “Electrical installation, protection & insulation practices”; and in the capacity as both the Chair and the project specific outsourced resource-person to a joint project collaborated among Standards Malaysia (previously known as “DSM”) and ST to popularise MS IEC 60364 ~ Electrical Installations in Buildings; developed as SIRIM Standards:
    • Guide to MS IEC 60364 (which doubles up as a training tool for practicioners) and
    • Code of Practice on Electrical Installations in Buildings which is the mandatory Malaysian Standards underpinning ST’s 2008 Technical Regulations on the same subject, and forming a part of Malaysia’s regulatory regime on electrical safety.
  • Wong has also been a member of SIRIM’s TC8, since its formation in 2000 – dealing with Power Quality (P.Q.) as part of EMC Standards: important technical standards for the ICT era of technologies.
  • IEM, BEM, TEEAM and other bodies’ outreach programmes by way of seminars, workshops & other forms of C&C development initiatives for skills-upscaling of graduate & practising electrical engineers; including PDP Course on COE for all BEM registered graduate engineers.
  • Mentoring young electrical engineers who aspire to be corporate members of the IEM and wish to be BEM registered Professional Engineering, i.e. PEng’s and perhaps be licensed ECP’s.