VELLD Power System Consult Sdn. Bhd.

is an independent electrical power system consulting firm providing power engineering solution services and advisory in Malaysia and ASEAN region



Why us?

VELLD is a leading power system consulting firm, which provide power system study, green technology consultancy services and advisory in Malaysia and ASEAN region through detailed modelling and simulation studies, accurate and professional single line diagrams and specifications and knowledgeable review of construction of green technology solution. VELLD has completed a wide variety of consultancy projects including Renewable Energy, co-generation plants, waste heat recovery plants, conventional power plants and Electrical Infrastructure projects, with a combined total generation/ load capacity of more than 1,500 MW.

What we do?

Power System Study
  1. Load flow analysis
  2. Contingency analysis
  3. Short circuit analysis
  4. Transient stability analysis
  5. Reactive power requirement studies
  6. Optimal power flow studies
  7. Power quality/ Harmonic analysis
  8. Arc flash analysis
  9. Protection coordination studies
  10. Motor acceleration analysis
  11. Power factor correction studies
Renewable Energy Consultancy
  1. Review the design drawings and electrical specifications according to IEC standards for Renewable Energy plant
  2. Conceptual and detail design
  3. Optimize the design of solar PV by simulation
  4. Desing and sizing Standalone Solar PV
  5. Renewable Energy Site Monitoring